Chriss Perfetti opens up about tight bond with 'Abbott Elementary' cast

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Chriss Perfetti opens up about tight bond with Abbott Elementary cast
Chriss Perfetti opens up about tight bond with 'Abbott Elementary' cast

Chris Perfetti got candid about his bond with Abbott Elementary costars and revealed that he’s ‘very attached’ to them.

Speaking on People in 10, the Before I Go star weighed in on the special connection with his on-screen partners.

He expressed, “Right now I’m feeling very attached to my Abbott family. It is a real gift to be able to play a character for as long as I’ve been able to be Jacob and these people are my family now”.

“There was a connection from the get-go”, he asserted.

The mockumentary Abbott Elementary’s cast had previously spoken out about their relationship on set.

Janelle James, who portrays the chaotic Principal in the sitcom told EW in 2022 that the cast clicked right from the beginning and added, “The most exciting part of being on the show has really been working with everyone."

"I mean, in an ensemble cast, as in any work environment, you hope you get along with your coworkers, and we really all do. It's so fun.”

Sheryl Lee Ralph also admitted earlier in February that she missed her Abbott Family and was excited to meet them for season 3 production, she shared, “I missed all of us being together. It was just such a state of longing”.

“And then when once I got back on the set, I was just so happy”, Ralph exclaimed.

For those unaware, Abbott Elementary is a faux docume­ntary-style TV series which showcase­s a diverse cast including Quinta Brunson, Sheryl Le­e Ralph, Chris Perfetti, Lisa Ann Walte­r, and William Stanford Davis.

The sitcom debuted in 2021 and is, at the­ moment, successfully running its 3rd season.