Prince Harry told to ‘grow up', ‘cool' himself down

Prince Harry is asked to adjust his schedule according to King Charles duty

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Prince Harry has been asked to find a hybrid way of returning to his Royal duties amid King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex, who is looking forward to coming back to the UK and reclaim his work, is told to ‘grow up’ and own upto his mistakes.

Anna Tyzack, writing for The Independent says: "For the King's sake, one can't help but hope that a true reconciliation with his beloved youngest son is imminent. He has stateside grandchildren to get to know and the obvious thing would be for Harry to pick up some slack while the King is off duty. And increasingly he is needed," writes the journalist.

She then reminded Harry: " Prince Harry isn't the same persecuted man who sat on Oprah's sofa. He will be 40 years old in September and it's time to grow up. Shaken by the sign of his father's mortality in his cancer diagnosis, his wrath has cooled."