Meghan Markle ‘unusual' and ‘tactile' love towards Harry laid bare

Meghan Markle tactile body language decided by famous photographer

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Meghan Markle’s unusual gesture has been highlight by famous photographer.

The Duchess of Sussex, who often opts for a tactile approach during photos with husband Prince Harry, captured the eyes of photographer Samir Hussain.

The 2020 picture of the couple under an umbrella still makes rounds on the internet. Speaking about Meghan’s body language in the photo, Samir tells The Telegraph: “It was very noticeable when Meghan came on the scene just how tactile she was, like holding the Duke’s hand and being arm-in-arm, so that was quite unusual.

Samir, who is the son of Princess Diana’s photographer, also went on to speak about his childhood surrounded by the Royal Family.

He noted: “It was very relaxed. we would play around and William and Harry would be playing there as well, so we were kind of exposed to all of that from a young age.”