Sydney Sweeney jokes about online rumors in 'SNL' monlogue

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Sydney Sweeney jokes about online rumors in SNL monlogue
Sydney Sweeney jokes about online rumors in 'SNL' monlogue

Sydney Sweeney just made her debut as a host on Saturday Night Live or SNL, on March 2, 2024.

The 26-year-old actress, appeared on the stage of SNL for the first time with the show’s musical guest Kacey Musgraves.

As Sweeney began her monologue, she joked about "some stuff I've seen about me online."

"I once said that I used to work at Universal Studios and then someone online accused me of lying about that, which is insane,” she said

Adding a touch of wit to her joke, she continued, “If I didn't work there, how would I know all the Universal characters, like Shock, The Monions and Harry Porter.”

Furthermore, Sweeney also addressed "a woman on TikTok [who] went viral because she claimed she was my nutritionist."

The actress responded to the rumor on a lighter note, joking that the reason she is in shape is because she runs, avoids sugar and "does Ozempic."

Sydney Sweeney also referred to the "craziest rumour" she had seen online, saying, “While I was filming Anyone But You I was having an affair with my co-star Glen Powell."

The actress denied those rumors as the camera panned towards Powell, who made his surprise cameo on SNL.