Will Smith's $350 million net worth doesn't make him 'happy'

Will Smith opened up about his ups and downs with handling finances and why he doesn't care about money anymore

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Will Smiths $350 million net worth doesnt make him happy
Will Smith's $350 million net worth doesn't make him 'happy'

Will Smith doesn’t care about the fortune in his name at all.

In an interview with Complex, the 55-year-old actor was recently asked about his $350 million net worth, to which he replied, “I don’t even know, man. I don’t discuss such things.”

During his conversation with Speedy Morman, Will also discussed the ups and downs he has experienced with his finances and shared that he has “had money, lost money, then had it again, bigger than anyone can ever imagined."

Claiming that he’s currently in the "downsize phase of his life,” Will continued, "I never understood, like, when, you know, you see people who will be rich and famous and, you know, they always have that moment somewhere around 50 where something changes.”

"But what happens is you just realize none of it can make you happy. Once you’ve bought everything you want and there’s literally nothing on earth else that you want to buy, I just wish that was a gift that everybody could have because there’s nothing that material can do to satisfy you,” he explained.

Will also claimed that he’s currently in the “scary phase” of his life, adding, “When you realize that no relationship, that no money, that no kids — there’s literally nothing that can make you happy.”