Jerry Seinfeld reveals Hugh Grant is 'horrible' to work with

Hugh Grant and Jerry Seinfeld will be starring together in an upcoming Netflix movie 'Unfrosted'

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Jerry Seinfeld reveals Hugh Grant is horrible to work with
Jerry Seinfeld reveals Hugh Grant is 'horrible' to work with

Hugh Grant is not the easiest person to work with, according to Jerry Seinfeld.

The duo will be starring in upcoming Netflix movie Unfrosted which is set to release on May 3.

Speaking about the project on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Jerry labeled Hugh, who will be playing Frosties mascot Tony the Tiger, a “pain in the a**” to work with.

Moreover, he told the host playfully that the Notting Hill star was "horrible" to work with, adding that Hugh himself warned him that he was going to “hate” working with him.

Jerry explained: “We had lots of fights. He's a pain in the a** to work with. He's horrible. He tells you before you work with him: 'You're gonna hate this.’ And he's so right.”

“We shot for 10 weeks, and that night that he and I had dinner – and we got drunk having dinner – that was the greatest night. Because he's so cool, and he's that English thing, you know, that witty. He looks good in a jacket … he's one of those guys. I love those guys,” Jerry recalled.

The 69-year-old actor also shared that Hugh wasn’t the first choice for the role but insisted on auditioning it.

“I did not think of Hugh Grant for the part. I imagined a frustrated Shakespearean actor who has to play this embarrassing character to make his car payments. But he called us and he said: 'I want to be in the Pop-Tart movie.' So I got the script and auditioned on my phone,” Jerry shared.