Kendall Jenner becomes habitual offender of common crime?

Cops issue ticket to Kendall Jenner after she was caught violating traffic rules twice this year

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Kendall Jenner becomes habitual offender of common crime?

One of the most common crimes is violation of traffic rules and Kendall Jenner is seemingly a frequent offender of this.

The supermodel, who is fond of luxury cars, recently was fined in Los Angeles for going at the speed of 65mph prompting cops to pull her over and issue a ticket.

The Kardashian star closed the case after paying a hefty fine of $363 along with $439 for Traffic School, according to The Blast.

It’s not the first time Kendall was awarded a ticket this year.

At the start of the year, the Vogue cover star allegedly was with friend Hailey Bieber in her Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet driving in Beverly Hills but allegedly at one point, the pair drove through a stop sign leading the police to give them a ticket.

Similarly, Kendall was spotted by the authorities driving without turning headlights on in night of her Ranger Rover in 2019.