Sydney Sweeney updates 'Euphoria' fans on season 3

Sydney Sweeney's statement comes after HBO claimed 'Euphoria' will be facing more delay

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Sydney Sweeney updates Euphoria fans on season 3
Sydney Sweeney updates 'Euphoria' fans on season 3

Sydney Sweeney provides Euphoria fans with reassurance amid its delay controversy.

The 26-year-old actress gave an update during an interview with Who What Wear, stating, “It’s going to be very, very wild.”

Sydney also teased that the filming for season 3 will begin “relatively soon.”

“I actually like it because there’s so much room for growth for both me as a person and also Cassie as a character,” she explained.

Her statement comes after a Hollywood agent, who is not associated with any of the Euphoria cast members, told US Weekly that Sydney, as well as Jacob Elordi, are looking for a pay raise from production.

“There’s no way Sydney Sweeney is going to come back to 'Euphoria' for anything less than a million per episode. 'Anyone But You' was so successful, and she was the main reason it was such a hit,” the agent claimed.

He added, “They will need to pay her a salary that is comparable to what she’d make if she was making a movie.”