Ashley Judd survives 'deadly pandemic' as protective aunt in 'Lazareth'

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Ashley Judd plays the role of Lee, a very protective aunt in upcoming thriller, Lazareth.

Lee and her two nieces, Imogen and Maeve, portrayed by Katie Douglas and Sarah Pidgeon, respectively.

They live in an isolated cabin in the woods, for over ten years after the the death of the girls' parents and the outbreak of a 'deadly pandemic.'

The film's synopsis read, "the girls are raised to never leave the woods, avoid any and all interaction with outsiders, and ultimately rely on Lee as their only connection to the outside world."

"When Imogen and Maeve discover an injured man (Asher Angel) in the nearby woods, Lee’s absolute control begins to disintegrate as their faith in her, and everything they’ve ever known, begins to unravel," it further read.

In May 2023, the She Said actress announced that she finished filming Lazareth in an Instagram post.

She reflected on the filming experience, comparing it to her work on the 1993 film Ruby in Paradise, citing the 'purity and simplicity' of the project.

Lazareth, directed by Alec Tibaldi, is scheduled to release on May 10, 2024.