Meghan Markle is exposing how detached from reality royal ways are

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Meghan Markle has just been lauded for her ability to expose just ‘how detached from reality royal ways are’.

Revelations about Meghan Markle’s visit and the shock factor of it all has been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything in a candid piece for

She began the entire thing by saying, “Sometimes the royal family pull a magic trick – they seem normal.”

“But it’s oh-so-easy for this ‘normal’ bubble to be burst,” at the end of the day.

Because “today Meghan the Duchess of Sussex has just done her level bust to do some ‘normal’ busting, managing to accidentally remind us all how detached from reality and contemporary life royal ways can be.”

For those unversed, all of these comments are in response to Meghan’s recent trip to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital where she read a children’s book to the kids present.