‘Naive' Prince Harry risked US visa by heeding none but Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's US visa could be in danger after he revealed drug use in 'Spare'

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Prince Harry never realized his honesty about drug use could lead to problems with his US visa, per an expert.

The Heritage Foundation brought the case against the Prince and asked that the authorities hand over his visa application so as to check if he ticked “yes” to the question asking about past drug use.

President Biden’s lawyer recently handed the documents over after a judge gave the order.

Now, royal author Tom Quinn says Harry never saw the trouble coming when he wrote the memoir. "It would never have occurred to Harry that being really open about his drug use in Spare might lead to problems with his US Visa application,” he told The Mirror.

“He's incredibly naïve having grown up in a world where everything is done for you and you are automatically given advice and leant on to do the right thing,” he continued.

In his memoir Spare, The Duke of Sussex shared that cocaine use "didn't do anything for me,” while "Marijuana is different, that actually really did help me."

"But with Meghan he suddenly found he could decide what he wanted to do and say without checking with anyone except his wife, and he blundered. He found the freedom exhilarating, but didn’t realize it was also dangerous and he may now pay the price," Tom added.