Prince Harry brave letter to British Forces children over loss of Diana: Read

Prince Harry spoke about the loss of Princess Diana in a heartbreaking note

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Prince Harry briefly touched upon the loss of Princess Diana in a heartfelt letter to British kids.

The Duke of Sussex penned a note for British Forces children on Remembrance Day 2022 as he spoke about the loss of losing a loved one.

In the letter, Harry noted: “We share a bond…because we share in having lost a parent. I know first hand the pain and grief that comes with loss…you are not alone.”

He then continued: "While difficult feelings will come up today as we pay tribute to heroes like your mum or dad, I hope you can find comfort and strength in knowing that their love for you lives and shines on. Whenever you need a reminder of this, I encourage you to lean into your friends at Scotty's Little Soldiers.

"One of the ways I've learnt to cope has been through community and talking about my grief and I couldn't be more grateful and relieved that you have amazing people walking beside you throughout your journey. We all know some days are harder than others but together those days are made easier."

Speaking about Harry’s letter, body language expert Judi James notes: “This very sweet-toned letter to children who have lost parents in conflict triggers Harry’s emotional responses to the loss of his mother and he is keen to let the children know that he shares their pain because he has also suffered. This is a commonly-used technique of empathy."