Rick Astley talks about hit tune ‘Never Gonna Give You Up'

Rick Astley brands his 1987 prank song as ‘S***’, admits that festivals turned it into ‘something magical’

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Rick Astley dubs hit tune ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ as ‘S*** Song’
Rick Astley dubs hit tune ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ as ‘S*** Song’

Rick Astley admitted that the track Never Gonna Give You Up, which catapulted him to fame is a ‘S*** song’.

The 58-year-old singer talked to The Sun about his ninth studio album Are We There Yet? 

Before the conversation transitioned to the 2023 Glastonbury festival, where he kicked off the event with his electrifying performance at the pyramid stage.

Admitting that he might not be the popular tune’s biggest fan, Rick acknowledged that “Festivals – and Glastonbury in particular – have an almost magical ability to elevate s**** songs”.

“It’s basically what happened with Never Gonna Give You Up. Suddenly you just find yourself singing along”, he added.

The song in question was released on July 12 198 and reached the top spot in American Billboard Hot 100 and in 25 other countries.

The song then became a huge Internet prank called ‘Rickrolled’, where fans would covertly post the song’s link, directing users to the music video of this track.

This Internet trend helped the music video reach 1.5 billion views, surpassing the 1 Billion views milestone in 2021.

The Together Forever crooner also reflected on his ‘celebrity’ moment and detailed, “I was very high up a mountain in the Italian Alps and two nuns asked me to sign their bibles”.

“I just thought, ‘OK, fine. I’m not sure what’s going on here but that’s just silly”, he continued.