Why Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's Netflix shows need ‘to be hits'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently unveiled their next Netflix projects

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have "returned to their roots" with their new Netflix projects, which need to be highly successful if the duo’s deal is to be renewed.

Harry’s new project will be centered around polo, while Meghan’s show will focus on cooking and gardening.

The Sussexes have a $100 million deal with the streaming giant, which could get renewed if the shows are successful. Harry and Meghan could also go on to work with another streaming platform like Paramount.

Weighing in on the couple’s rebranding efforts, Lynn Carratt from Press Box PR told The Mirror: "Meghan and Harry have returned to their roots with their new ventures, both of which sound very much like passion projects."

"They will be very mindful of the success needed for these TV shows particularly their $100 million Netflix deal, which is set to expire in early 2025,” she continued.

"To maintain their viewers' attention and garner popularity they need them to be hits. The couple will either want their Netflix deal renewed or to find another deal, potentially with Paramount, but again it will also depend on the success of their TV ventures this year," she added.

Lynn also shared her two cents on Meghan’s lifestyle brand, saying, "I am confident that Meghan's American Riviera Orchard will be a success, thanks to the power of social media marketing and her loyal fan base. While not everyone will be able to afford these products, there will be people who can and will buy them, and she will make a significant amount within a few weeks.”

However, she noted that the new podcast “may prove to be a challenge.” She added: "Her original podcast Archetypes came up for a lot of criticism, but Lemonada media who will be producing the new podcast, really believe in her as a creator and host, so now it’s just about getting the podcast subject right and for it to resonate with the public."