Viola Davis reveals how George Clooney's generosity changed her mind about Hollywood

Viola Davis and George Clooney were co-stars on 'Solaris' and more movies

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Viola Davis and George Clooney were co-stars on Solaris and more movies
Viola Davis and George Clooney were co-stars on 'Solaris' and more movies

Viola Davis is appreciating George Clooney’s generosity for having her stay at his Italian mansion for her honeymoon with Julius Tennon in 2003.

George offered his Lake Como villa for his Solaris co-star’s honeymoon. Davis recalled being surprised by his generosity, after being convinced that everyone in Hollywood was fake.

When the Ocean’s Eleven star offered his villa, Davis accepted the offer. She told People, “As a matter of fact, I called him and I said, 'So when can we come?'"

When the duo got to the villa, George gave them a heartwarming welcome.

“It was the first time that I remember thinking to myself that it redefined how I saw Hollywood,” she recalled. “I always thought, ‘Everyone is fake. No one really means it when they're nice to you.’”

“It's like the first time that someone blew the lid off of that in his generosity. Julius and I still talk about that," she added.

She detailed her experience, saying, “The whole villa is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, and water. So it seems like the best vacation you could possibly imagine, but also very much like home. And I think that's the atmosphere that he created.”

“We were the only guests in the villa,” she said and revealed that she chose her room herself. “Of course, I said, let me look at each one,” she says with a smile. “And I picked the biggest room.”

She added: “We ate four- or five-course meals. I remember at one point Julius looking at me and his eyes were teary, my eyes were teary, and we just stared at each other for the longest time. I remember Julius saying, 'Can you believe his heart?'"

George Clooney and Viola Davis also worked together on Out of Sight and Syriana.