Meghan Markle building ‘fake brand on humanity' after treating father ‘badly'

Meghan Markle dragged over strained relationship with father Thomas Markle amid UK return rumours

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Meghan Markle building ‘fake brand on humanity’ after treating father ‘badly’
Meghan Markle building ‘fake brand on humanity’ after treating father ‘badly’

Meghan Markle has received heat over her strained relationship with Thomas Markle as the Duchess builds “fake brand on humanity.”

TV presenter Ben Leo blasted the Duchess of Sussex while discussing rumours of her return to the UK with husband Prince Harry after she vowed to never come back.

Speaking on GB News, Leo discussed the former actor’s bond with her father, telling the Suits star that you lead by “example.”

"Meghan Markle preaches compassion, humanity, being a good person, yet she's treated her father badly,” he said. "Yes, he's made mistakes. He made a massive one with those paparazzi pictures.”

"But if she was so compassionate and so forgiving and humanitarian, how amazing I am, she would have forgiven her father, buried the hatchet and had some sort of relationship with him,” he added.

Leo went on to add, "You lead by example. You can't gallivant around the world building some fake brand on humanity when you treated your father that way.”

Also dragging Prince Harry over his treatment of the Royal family, the host said, “And the same thing goes for Harry and his family as well.”

"They deserve each other and they shouldn't come back to England,” he said of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.