King Charles warned about turning the Royal Family into a constitutional difficulty

Experts have issued a warning to King Charles about being careful not to let Buckingham Palace become a constitutional difficulty

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King Charles warned about turning the Royal Family into a difficulty

Royal experts fear King Charles is allowing the monarchy to turn into a a constitutional difficulty, and thus they have stepped forward with a warning of their own.

Royal author Jane Marguerite Tippett issued these sentiments and claims about the Royal Family’s ‘best recourse’.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent pieces for The Daily Mail.

In that piece she started by pointing out how that, “The Royal Family is no stranger to a crisis.”

“It has been been rocked by scandals, extra-marital affairs and what felt in the mid-1990s like a never-ending stream of divorces that all but shattered the fairy-tale ideal of the modern royal marriage.”

“Despite these upheavals, however, royal life, as a whole, continued as normal.”

But “This is not the case today, when the difficulties are not just a matter of reputation but are practical,” she admitted.

“Two of the four most senior members of the dynasty are rocked by health crises that have taken them out of action for what we can only imagine will be a lengthy period of time.”

“The two remaining healthy members, Queen Camilla and William, Prince of Wales, face the considerable struggle of balancing their duty to the public with the private obligations of supporting an ailing spouse.”

In the eyes of Ms Tippet, “After seven decades of certainty and of a monarch who was an unwavering physical presence on the landscape of British national life, the future suddenly looks less than clear.”

“But the Royal Family will know this is not without precedent,” because “Anxiety such as we are experiencing now was rife the days, weeks and months that followed the abdication of Edward VIII to marry the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson in December 1936.”

“I’ve no doubt the events of the late 30s will be on the mind of the king and his advisers today.” Because at that time in history “it was a family as much as a constitutional difficulty.”