Johnny Depp reflects on his surprising role in 'Jeanne du Barry'

'Jeanne du Barry' received praise at Cannes, with both the actor and director receiving a long standing ovation

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Johnny Depp reflects on his surprising role in Jeanne du Barry
Johnny Depp reflects on his surprising role in 'Jeanne du Barry'

Johnny Depp shared his surprising reaction to being offered the role of King Louis XV at the premiere of Jeanne du Barry.

According to Variety report, standing alongside director Maïwenn, Depp admitted feeling 'strangely, oddly, perversely lucky' about the opportunity.

He said, "I feel very lucky to have been [offered the role] – strangely, oddly, perversely lucky."

Reflecting on his Kentucky roots, he initially found it incredulous to portray French royalty.

"Because when Maïwenn and I first actually met and talked about the notion of me doing the film and playing Louis XV, the King of France — see that’s when instantly what happens in your brain is you instantly go back to Kentucky, where, like, everything is fried. So you realise that you’ve come from the bellybutton of nowhere and suddenly you end up playing the King of France," he added.

The film, a significant project for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor following his legal disputes with ex-wife Amber Heard, debuted to critical acclaim at Cannes, earning both actor and director a lengthy standing ovation.

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