Meghan Markle's becoming exhausting for friends

Meghan Markle is allegedly becoming someone that is exhausting those around her

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Meghan Markle's becoming exhausting for friends

Experts are of the opinion that Meghan Markle is turning into something incredibly exhausting to friends and family around her.

Kinsey Schofield from To Di For Daily podcast issued these sentiments and queries regarding the royals’ personal relationships.

She weighed in on things while speaking to Talk TV host Cristo Foufas.

During that conversation Ms Schofield was the first to touch base on a major question regarding Meghan Markle’s friends and family dynamic and said, “It seems like there’s only Tyler Perry, only Oprah, and only Harry, and only her mom.”

This even prompted her to enquire, “I just wonder is she lonely? Because who has she stayed connected to?”

Before concluding she clarified a few things as well but admitted, “This is of her own doing but I do wonder if that element of her life makes her a lonely individual.”

Mr Foufas also chimed in at this point and said, “It must be exhausting as well. If you read Tom Bower’s book and how [Meghan] was constantly on and constantly looking for the next step up and the next person to help her, you would be exhausted by the end of that.”

For those unversed with Meghan Markle’s friendships over the last couple of years, she was previously linked to Jessica Mulroney but the duo’s public outings became increasingly sparce after a conversation about race with influencer Sasha Exeter took a massive turn and got her accused of having “textbook white privilege.”

“How can you be about the Black people and be about female empowerment on the outside when you are attempting to silence a Black woman during this movement behind closed doors?,” the influencer said at the time.

However since the entire ordeal she has even released an Instagram Stories statement refuting all such claims and said, “Meghan and I are family. She is the kindest friend and has checked up on me everyday [sic].”

The entire issue began when Mulroney posted a Martin Luther King Jr. quote following the death of George Floyd.

At the time she said, “You have a large following and should be posting about BLM, not promoting your show. I’ve spoken out about racism before. I believe that the real work needs to be teaching my children, doing work behind the scenes.”