Netflix demands luxury content from Prince Harry: ‘Polo is last-ditch effort'

Prince Harry set to produce Netflix documentary focused on professional polo

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Netflix demands luxury content from Prince Harry: ‘Polo is last-ditch effort’

Prince Harry has been told Netflix wants luxury content from him as he is set to produce a documentary for the streaming giant focused on providing “viewers unprecedented access to the world of professional polo.”

Speaking on the matter, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed that the upcoming Polo documentary is the Duke’s “last-ditch effort” to prove his worth.

The expert defended the Duke, saying Polo is his “legitimate interest” and is very close to his heart. Hence, viewers would see an authentic version of him, having his guard down.

She told GB News, “Polo seems like a last-ditch effort to squeeze something out of Prince Harry specifically,” adding that Netflix is seeking a return on its investment with the Sussexes.

Schofield said the streaming service does not want “sappy” projects and is shifting focus from the couple’s emotional projects to premium content that exuding “luxury, glamour, aspirational content.”

“Polo is all that, but it is also a legitimate interest of Prince Harry’s,” she said, adding, “Netflix knows that any scenes of Prince Harry with his guard down are of interest to the public.”