Prince Harry gives clear hint about US visa status

Prince Harry has indirectly revealed key information about his US visa status, per an expert

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Prince Harry gives clear hint about US visa status 

Prince Harry has given a clear sign that he doesn’t have a green card, per an expert.

Last week it was revealed that Harry, The Duke of Sussex, reportedly notified U.K. authorities that he usually resides in America. This notification took place in June 2023, when he last left his U.K. home Frogmore Cottage.

Now, an expert has pointed how the Duke carefully avoided using the phrase "permanent residence," which is taken as a hint that he doesn’t hold a green card.

“From a US immigration perspective 'residency' covers a gambit of visa categories and essentially means that he is not a tourist,” noted Charlotte Slocombe, a specialist in US immigration.

"It does not provide any indication of what type of visa he holds. The lack of the use permanent residence' seems to suggest that he does not hold a green card, which would be the first step to naturalisation and becoming a US citizen," she added to the Daily Express.

She further explained: "Harry can maintain temporary US immigration status by holding an A-1 diplomatic visa, or O-1 Extraordinary Ability or Achievement visa indefinitely, without ever needing to become a permanent resident or US citizen."