Tom Brady reaches out to Gisele Bündchen after disrespectful Netflix roast

Gisele Bündchen was upset with Tom Brady over brutal Netflix special roast, source

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Tom Brady reaches out to Gisele Bündchen after disrespectful Netflix roast

Tom Brady reached out to his former wife Gisele Bündchen to apologise to her after she was “offended” by his brutal Netflix roast.

During The Roast of Tom Brady, some of the comedians and Tom’s friends, including Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross and Nikki Glaser, grilled the athlete over his divorce from Gisele and her new relationship.

According to Us Weekly, the former NFL quarter back had no idea that the participants would discuss his ex-wife’s new love affair with Joaquim Valente.

However, the two have put their differences aside as a tipster close to the situation has revealed that the athlete and the Brazilian model are “cordial" but they "only communicate about the kids.”

“Gisele and Tom had a ‘no disparaging remarks’ rule when it came to speaking about each other or their marriage and divorce,” the insider said, adding, “She is definitely offended and upset about the comments made at the roast.”

The insider added that the model “is aware that it comes with the territory of a roast but didn’t think there were going to be that many remarks made about her and especially her new relationship.”

As per the source, Gisele thinks “her new relationship should have been off-limits.” Hence, Tom contacted her following the show “to apologize to her,” the source revealed.

“They are cordial and only communicate about the kids,” they added.

According to a second source, it's common knowledge that participants in a roast, including Tom, don't know what will be said about them ahead of time.

“But as with any roast, they target public parts of your life,” the source continued. “Their kids were always off limits. Everything was all in good fun.”