Mickey Guyton recalls unreal gratitude from Beyonce

Mickey Guyton received a gratitude package from Beyoncé pre 'Cowboy Carter' release

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Mickey Guyton recalls unreal gratitude from Beyonce 

Mickey Guyton just revealed how surprised she was when Beyoncé contacted her.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE magazine at the 27th Annual Power of Love Gala by Keep Memory Alive to honour Blake Shelton, she said, “I had some people call me. They were like, ‘Hey, Beyoncé wants to get ahold of you.’ I'm like, ‘Wait, what?’”

However, Beyoncé actually wanted to honour the 40-year-old singer for her contributions to country music, particularly as a black artist, just before the release of her country genre Cowboy Carter album.

Guyton continued, “I didn't even think it was real. She got my address and sent me some beautiful flowers, and it really meant a lot to me.”

Guyton received a heartfelt note from the Single Ladies hit-maker along with a bouquet of flowers.

The note read, "Mickey, Thank you for opening doors for me, queen. Keep shining. Love and respect, Beyoncé.”

“It was just really cool to be acknowledged," Mickey Guyton explained to the outlet adding, "You don't realize how when you become an activist, which was never my intention, it comes with a price."