King Charles ‘terrified' and ‘in hell' in Buckingham Palace engagement

King Charles sparks shocking row over his new portrait as it appears he’s in hell

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King Charles ‘terrified’ and ‘in hell’ in Buckingham Palace engagement

King Charles’ brand new portrait has caused quite a stir online and have even led some to question whether he is already facing hell in the snap.

What brought this on was the unveiling of a new portrait that was recently shared to Instagram.

There was also a caption offers more insight into the piece and reads, “The new work depicts His Majesty wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he was made Regimental Colonel in 1975. The painting will ultimately hang in Drapers’ Hall in London.”

The slew of social media reactions began with one commentator saying, “I’m sorry but his portrait looks like he’s in hell”.

A second added, “I don’t get a good feeling from viewing this portrait at all. Apologies to the artist, but it’s not pleasant to look at.”

Another also chimed in with similar sentiments and added, “Without sounding rude this is the worst royal portrait I’ve ever seen.”

Whereas a fourth took note of the King’s reaction and admitted, “he King himself was terrified seeing this unveiled. Good lord”.

There were also other commentators who got into the details and it prompted one to say, “Why is he drenched in blood up to his neck??? This is [shocked emoji]”.