Khloe Kardashian embraces Tristan Thompson with 'odd hug'

Khloe Kardashian recently took her children True and Tatum to see Tristan Thompson's game

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Khloe Kardashian embraces Tristan Thompson with 'odd hug'

Khloe Kardashian’s gesture of embrace towards ex Tristan Thompson’s seemed “a bit odd,” according to a body language expert.

The reality TV star took her kids True and Tatum to watch their dad’s basketball game for the first time ever.

To watch Tristan’s team Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Boston Celtics in the NBA semi-final, Khloe rocked a black coat and black leather trousers.

Khloe was also seen hugging her ex-partner who has cheated on her multiple times.

Analyzing the pictures, body language expert Judi James called it an "odd" move and claimed Khloe may look to be still into Tristan but the feeling doesn't appear to be mutual.

“Sporting stars are undeniably charismatic in situ. Their popularity with the fans can be seductive and when you take your children to watch them play as Khloe has done here, you make a strong memory for them in terms of ‘My daddy the hero,’” she told Mirror.

Judi further added, "It seems odd for Khloe to want to sit watching him excel [after the cheating scandal] and to even throw in some gestures of support and encouragement, like this tightly-clasped hug complete with a loving, over-the-shoulder facial expression."