Sophie Turner opens up about depression, anxiety battles

'Games of Thrones' star Sophie Turner talks about motherhood's impact on mental health

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Sophie Turner opens up about depression, anxiety battles

Sophie Turner recently talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression.

In an interview with Run-Through with Vogue podcast, the Games of Thrones actress discussed how motherhood has positively impacted her mental health.

Turner admitted to previously experiencing anxiety and depression without seeking help.

"My problem is that I would isolate if I ever felt triggered ... or depressed," Turner said.

She added, "I have these moments all the time where I get overwhelmed and anxious and depressed, and I pick up the phone to my friends, and I can get over it in about 20 minutes."

The Dark Phoenix actress also acknowledged her journey towards self-care, highlighting the transformative effect of motherhood on her perspective.

Joe Jonas' ex wife who shares two kids with him, said, "My body fed my child in my tummy, and it gave birth to the most amazing kids, the loves of my life," adding, "I want this body to be around as long as possible so I can spend time with my children for as long as possible. And so kids just gave me a whole new lease on life [and] wellness and, yeah, the importance of health and treating yourself with respect."

"I want them to see me feeding my body, and I want them to see me loving my body," Turner added.