Kim Kardashian shocks fans with her heel-less platforms for Met Gala

Kim Kardashian paired her Met Gala corset ensemble with heel-less platforms

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Kardashian faced criticism sudden alteration of her outfit as she put on a pilled sweater over her dress 

Kim Kardashian continues to intrigue fans with her Met Gala 2024 ensemble, sharing behind-the-scenes snapshots of the intricate process behind her Maison Margiela attire.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the Skims founder treated fans to an exclusive look at the making of her waist-cinching ensemble.

The gallery commenced with a photo of Kardashian alongside designer John Galliano, setting the stage for the elaborate transformation. However, this time, it's her unconventional footwear that have shocked everyone.

Previously concealed by the floor-length skirt, Kardashian's footwear was seven inch high clear strappy platforms but didn't have a heel to support her foot. Kardashian didn't just balance her weight on the silver platforms but also climbed the stairs of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Prior to this, Kardashian was met with criticism over her last minute alteration of her outfit as she put on a pilled sweater over her dress and rolled its end up in a knot.

The mother of four did explain the reasoning behind the unexpected layer, which she told Vogue spoke to the Met Gala’s “Garden of Time” theme, representing the aftermath of “the wildest night of [her] life in a garden.”

“I just ran out and grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater and threw it on and had to get to work,” she said of the concept, adding, “And my hair is all messed up.”