Wiz Khalifa gushes about being 'inseparable' from his mother

For Wiz, every day is Mother's Day as bonds with his mother over unconventional adventures

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Wiz Khalifa gushes about his inseparable dynamic with his mother

Wiz Khalifa and his mother share a bond that extends beyond typical mother-son activities—even including visits to strip clubs.

The 36-year-old rapper spoke of his close-knit relationship with his mother, Peachie, in a candid conversation on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Wiz disclosed that he and his mother indulge in a variety of outings together, from trips to strip clubs to adventures in Mexico and Coachella. "Yeah, we do everything. That’s my dawg!" he elaborated.

"If you meet her, you’ll fall in love with her, so every day is her day," Wiz said as he gushed about his mother's superstar qualities and infectious charm.

Wiz also treasures moments spent at home with Peachie and his son, Sebastian Taylor, prioritising family time and domestic activities. "Just being in the house and doing everything around the house. I really value that, and that time is really special to me," he proudly declared.

Wiz went on to credit his upbringing and family for laying the foundation of his music career.

"I started out writing when I was really young. My uncle taught me how to write songs when I was in third grade," he shared.

"And just growing up on the internet, downloading instrumentals, free styling, then I started working with my dad, and he bought me my first equipment. I started putting my own mixtapes out. By the time I was, like, 16 or 19, I had a major record deal, and was off doing my thing," continued Wiz.

On the work front, Wiz released his latest single XXX earlier this month.