Zayn Malik unveils song 'Stardust' 'straight from his soul'

Zayn Malik launched the music video for song 'Stardust' and released his album, 'Room Under the Stairs' on May 17, 2024

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Zayn Malik unveils song 'Stardust' 'straight from his soul'

Zayn Malik just released his latest music video, a project that revolves around the theme of nature.

On May 17,2024 the Dusk Till Dawn singer dropped his video titled, Stardust as he launched his latest and fourth studio album, Room Under the Stairs.

The visuals of Stardust revolve around Malik being depicted as a creature who does not belong to Earth and is exploring the planet by following shooting stars and discovering an enchanted lake as well as a magical forest.

"Feels like stardust / Floatin’ all around us / Shootin’ right across a / Big black sky,” the One Direction alum can be heard singing in the folk-pop track.

It was confirmed by Rolling Stone in February that Zayn Malik would be releasing a new album, that he just dropped on Friday.

This 15-track album is co-produced by Dave Cobb, who has collaborated with artists such as Chris Stapleton, Lady Gaga and Brandi Charlie, trying his hands at both the rock and country genre.

Cob told the outlet, “Zayn has really created his own universe on this record, he really has no fear and is speaking straight from his soul."