Kate Garraway ‘trying to keep head above water' amid tragic loss

Kate Garraway lost the father of her two kids, Derek Draper, in January 2024

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Photo: Kate Garraway ‘trying to keep head above water’ amid tragic loss

Kate Garraway recently elaborated on her life as a single mother after losing husband, Derek Dapper.

Derek Draper, a popular lobbyist and Kate’s husband, passed away on 3rd January 2024 and was survived by18-year-old daughter Darcey and 11-year-old son Billy with Kate.

Ever since this loss, the TV presenter has been candid about her struggles with grief.

Recently, Kate took to her Instagram and penned, “You know my garden is my #happyplace” as she thanked her parents for gifting her a wheelbarrow to assist her in the garden work.

“But have been feeling overwhelmed recently as it’s got so out of control as have just been racing around trying to keep head above water,” the 57-year-old also stated.

Kate admitted that she "couldn’t be happier" with this gift and claimed that her parents "always know the best way to get me out there & going forward.”

"If it is true, he will be deeply, deeply missed, because he was great on the show and people love him."

Sharing another birthday present, Kate expressed her gratitude to close pal and makeup artist Lisa Mejuto for gifting her a beautiful, embroidered collar.

“Today when she gave me this out of the blue at four in the morning I burst into tears,” she wrote thanking Lisa.

“The hard work & effort – carefully hand sewing symbols that she knows mean so much – including Darcey, Bill [her children] & Derek’s initials, shows so much painstaking love. The picture really doesn’t do it justice,” the doting friend penned in conclusion.