Adele jams to Sabrina Carpenter's 'Espresso' during Vegas residency

Sabrina Carpenter performed her song 'Espresso' during her 'Saturday Night Live' debut

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Adele jams to Sabrina Carpenter's 'Espresso' during Vegas residency

Adele recently expressed her admiration for Sabrina Carpenter's latest hit, Espresso.

During her Las Vegas residency, Adele sing praises for Carpenter's chart-topping track.

Expressing regret that Espresso dropped while she was on vocal rest, Adele affectionately called the song her "jam."

"It came out when I couldn't talk or sing, so since my voice has come back, all last night and this morning that's what I've been singing," she said.

She playfully sang a snippet of the chorus for the audience, showcasing her appreciation for Carpenter's catchy lyrics.

"As I got into bed last night — 'cause that's a very late night for me, normally I'm in bed by 9 p.m. — I found myself singing, 'I'm working late, 'cause I'm a singer,'" she sings, adding, "that Sabrina Carpenter song! 'I can't relate to desperation.' That song is my jam!"

On the other hand, Carpenter celebrated her Saturday Night Live debut with a spirited performance of Espresso and a medley of her other hits.