Sabrina Carpenter over the moon after Adele's shoutout

Adele praised Sabrina Carpenter’s Music during her Los Vegas show

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Sabrina Carpenter feels over the moon after Adele’s shoutout

Sabrina Carpenter is super happy after Adele revealed that she is a big admirer of her songs.

During the 36-year-old singer’s Los Vegas residency on Sunday, she took a break from her setlist and gushed about Sabrina’s music.

While talking about Sabrina’s songs she heaped on praises for the 25-year-old singer who recently celebrated star-studded birthday at DUMBO House in Brooklyn.

The 16-time Grammy winner mentioned how after one of her shows while she was back in her hotel room and found herself crooning Sabrina’s latest hit song Expresso.

Sitting on a piano chair and singing the catchy tune, the Hello singer said, “It's my jam.”

She went on to say, “ As I got into bed last night, because [it] was a very late night for me, I found myself singing "I'm working late, cus I'm a singer", that Sabrina Carpenter song — that song is my jam!”

“It came out when I couldn't sing. So all last night that's all I've been singing,” the Easy On Me singer added.

Later, the Expresso singer was thrilled by the news and took to her X account (formerly known as Twitter) to share the moment.

She hysterically wrote in the caption, “All I read was Adele thinks about me in bed.”

Moreover, the former Disney actress also reposted a clip of Adele talking about her hit song to Instagram stories, saying, “Um guys can someone check on me.”