Madonna pays tribute to legendary artist Frida Kahlo

Madonna recently wrapped up her 'The Celebration Tour' in Brazil

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Madonna traveled all the way to Mexico to pay tribute to her 'eternal muse'.

The 65-year-old singer took to her official Instagram account on Monday and posted a series of photos from the family house of her muse artist Frida Kahlo.

She wrote in her caption, “A Beautiful Souvenir - visiting the family home of my Eternal Muse - Frida Kahlo. In Mexico City.”

The Grammy winner wore a vintage white dress and a green velvet blouse owned by the Mexican painter.

“For me it was magical to try on her clothes and jewelry, to read her journals and letters and to look at photos I’d never seen before,” she added to her caption.

Other photos of the carousel feature Kahlo's famous self-portrait and her pairs of shoes with a ring and metal box.

For those unversed, Khalo suffered from Polio when she was a child due to which her right leg stopped growing.

The legendary artist passed away at the age of 47 in 1954, four years prior to Madonna’s birth.