Britney Spears ‘mental health' worsens amid 'epic' mood swings: Report

Previously, it was reported that Britney Spears' family is considering intervention as she struggles with regulating her emotions

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Photo: Britney Spears ‘mental health’ worsens amid 'epic' mood swings: Report

Britney Spears is reportedly going through severe mood swings.

As fans will know, the Toxic crooner raised eyebrows with her recent posts and reported fights.

Following this news, an insider dished to In Touch Weekly that the songstress’s family members “are considering their options” regarding intervention, which has become indispensable when “Britney’s been on a downward spiral for a while now.”

Now, a new report by the same outlet claimed, “[Britney’s] been going on and off her meds for as long as I can remember, but for well over a year now, it’s been getting worse.”

“Her mood swings are epic and if Britney lets you into her world, you’ll see it firsthand. She has a big, loving heart, but the meds are necessary,” the insider close to Britney also declared.

“And it’s become obvious when she’s not on them or when she mixes other substances or alcohol with them,” the source even mentioned.

The source also shared with the outlet, “She’ll get paranoid and think people are watching her or out to get her.”

“You can’t reason with her when she gets into one of her high anxiety panic episodes or severe mood swings. It’s very scary,” they remarked in conclusion.