Prince Harry, William ‘stubborn' in their fight

Prince William and Prince Harry do not care about cross fire in rift

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Prince Harry and Prince William are stubborn enough to not care about the damage their rift is causing, says an expert.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex, who are reportedly not speaking to each other, are delved deep into their egos.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn exclusively told the Mirror: "The fallout between William and Harry has gone on far too long, but both men are notoriously stubborn. William feels that the Royal family has been badly damaged by his brother and Harry feels that William has always treated him as an irrelevance."

He continued: "The only way back for Harry is a proper apology and a promise to stop pretending to be the working Royal he refused to be when he left the UK.”

The expert added: “Both Meghan and Harry, and William and Charles, hate the fact that they are stuck in this poisoned dysfunctional atmosphere, but with the family breakdown having been played out in public for so long, they cannot see a way out of it. Harry wants an apology and to be allowed to do what he wants and William and King Charles want Harry to stay quiet and go away."