Snoop Dogg 'thankful' for Drake, Kendrick Lamar beef rap

Snoop Dogg's comment comes after Kendrick Lamar accused Drake of being a peadophile in his diss track

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Snoop Dogg thankful for Drake, Kendrick Lamar beef rap
Snoop Dogg 'thankful' for Drake, Kendrick Lamar beef rap

Snoop Dogg has officially presented his take on the Drake-Kendrick Lamar rap beef.

Speaking with ET, the legendary rapper weighed in on one of the most-talked about Hollywood controversies and clarified that he “won’t take sides,” however, he’s thankful to the duo.

"Well, the only thing I want to say about that whole scenario is that I want to give both of them a shout-out for raising the bar as far as lyrics, as far as song-making and writing because the writing has been upped since the confrontation or whatever you call it, whatever they went through,” he said.

Snoop Dogg added, “I'm not in the middle of it. I support both of them and that's personal business, not my business.”

The comment comes after Kendrick accused Drake of being a pedophile in two of his diss tracks Meet the Grahams and Not Like Us.

“We gotta raise our daughters knowin’ there’s predators like him lurkin,” he crooned in Meet the Grahams.

As a response, Drake released The Heart Part 6 and addressed the accusations.

“Speakin’ of anything with a child, let’s get to that now / This Epstein angle was the shit I expected / TikTok videos you collected and dissected / Instead of being on some dis-direct shit / You rather f***ing grab your pen and misdirect shit,” he sang.