Meghan Markle detests Prince Harry's life and pals

Meghan Markle reportedly detests Prince Harry’s old life and all the ties he once had

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Meghan Markle detests Prince Harrys life and pals
Meghan Markle detests Prince Harry’s life and pals

Meghan Markle reportedly detests Prince Harry’s past life as well as the ties he once shared.

Royal author and biographer Tom Quinn issued all these insights into the couple’s dynamic with the Duke’s friends.

During Mr Quinn’s interview with The Mirror he was quoted saying, “He is aware that Meghan detests many of his old woke-hating, pheasant-shooting friends and those old friendships are still intertwined with a past that Harry is, in many ways, happy to leave behind.”

“The truth is that many of Harry's old friends especially from the military and Eton just don't get on with Meghan.”

“Hugh van Cutsem's decision to work with Jeremy Clarkson famous for his savage attacks on Meghan is seen by Harry as an unforgiveable betrayal,” Mr Quinn also added.

“The only thing that makes it bearable is that Harry knows Meghan dislikes van Cutsem and his one claim to fame: his ability to shoot deer.”

All in all, “For Harry the end of his friendship with van Cutsem is just cutting one of the last few ties with his old life; a life he never much enjoyed anyway.”