King Charles, Prince William, Princess Kate's titles under major threat

Anti-monarchy group call to strip royal titles from King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton

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King Charles, Prince William, Princess Kates titles under major threat
King Charles, Prince William, Princess Kate’s titles under major threat

King Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal titles are under threat after the anti-monarchy group called for the stripping of the senior Royal's titles. 

According to GB News, the Chief Executive of Republic, Graham Smith, argued that if the UK were to elect an independent head of state, the Royal Family's titles, including those of Charles, William, and Kate, should be removed.

“Republic is about being equal citizens,” head of the anti-monarchy group argued, asking for the monarchy's privileges and obligations to be abolished.

He added, “It’s about finishing that long process of evolution that we’ve gone through since the 17th century where we had to fight tooth and nail against the Monarch and against the land earning classes to get democracy and we’ve sort of stalled and a republic is about finishing that job so we are genuine citizens, not subjects.”

Smith was then asked if the members of the royal family would lose their titles incase UK elects independent head of state, to which he replied, “In a republic like that then obviously you can’t have aristocratic titles and royal titles.”

“So Charles would be Charles Windsor and he will be a citizen like anyone else, he’ll pay taxes like anyone else and he will be free to stand for election or not or just go off and live a nice life of luxury.

“He’ll still be very rich but he will be free of the obligations of royalty, free of the titles of royalty and he’ll have obligations to pay tax.”

The outlet revealed that if the royals were to lose their titles, they would no longer be addressed as His or Her Royal Highness, and all prince and princess titles would be removed.