Patti LaBelle hints at duet with new best friend Cardi B

Patti LaBelle is eager to join forces with new pal Cardi B again for a potential collaboration

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Patti LaBelle hints at duet with new best friend Cardi B
Cardi B and Patti LaBelle first met for a collaborative social campaign in November

Patti LaBelle is anticipating another collaboration with new best friend Cardi B, this time as a musical duo.

Patti expressed her willingness to collaborate with the WAP rapper on her 80th birthday bash on May 23.

"Why not? She's like one of my new best friends and to know that she was into Patti LaBelle! She's like my new buddy," Patti told Entertainment Tonight.

Patti, 80, also opened up more about what she has in mind with her upcoming album.

"I haven't had an album out in 20 years and so I'm working on that now. It should be out at the end of year," she disclosed on the red carpet.

She also revealed her thought process behind her comeback project, including the title.

"It’s called 8065," she added. “I’m 80 years young and 65 years in show business.”

The two first met to collaborate for a social campaign in November where they combined their two dessert products, Cardi's Whipshots alcoholic whipped cream and Patti's Good Life pies.

Despite meeting for the first time, Patti recalled feeling that they were 'supposed to be together' for a long time.

“I've been her mother in my mind for a long time because she's just all that and a bag of chips. And I'm all that and a bag of chips,” LaBelle told People.