'Bridgerton' star Jessica Madsen 'proudly' announces she's 'in love'

'Bridgerton' actor Jessica Madsen confirms she is 'dating' someone

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Bridgerton star Jessica Madsen proudly announces shes in love
Jessica Madsen 'proudly' announces she's 'in love'

Bridgerton actress Jessica Madsen has 'proudly' announced that she is "in love."

Taking to her Instagram handle, the 32-year-old actress admitted she is “dating" a woman alongside artwork honoring the queer community.

"In Love with a woman, loud about it and proud about it!” declared the actress, who plays Cressida Cowper in the hit Netflix series.

This claim comes after Jessica revealed she had received some “interesting DMs” about her character in Bridgerton season 3.

"I mean, people are not the biggest fan of her,” she told People Magazine at that time.

"Thank you for letting me hate you so much and I love hating you so much,” she explained. "It makes me feel like I've done my job right.

"I really don't take those things personally. The internet is wild. But I like it when people who I meet [who] have appreciated the show. Yeah. That's always lovely,” she told the outlet.

Madsen starrer first part of the third installment of Bridgerton is now available on Netflix. However, the second part will hit the streaming platform on June 13, 2024.