'House of the Dragon' stars miss costars ahead of season 2

‘House of the Dragon’ lead cast expresses a bit of sadness for not sharing much screen compared to season one

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'House of the Dragon’ stars miss costars ahead of season 2

The clash is imminent between the two royal families in House of the Dragon season two but the lead cast is at the moment thinking about how less they have to spend time on-screen with their costars in this season.

Admitting this first was Emma D’Arcy who said she was feeling “kind of lonely” because she shared less screen time with Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke.

This was due to individual characters following their storylines which in turn reduces the group scenes which was in season one.

“There’s so many beautiful actors on the show, it’s an ever-mutating thing. Certainly, I think it’ll make the active viewership kind of more exciting because there are so many parts to the series that I’ve not had the chance to watch yet. So I get to watch as sort of a pure fan, these other narrative strands,” she said at the New York premiere.

She continued, “It really makes you know what you lost, I suppose — every time we do get to work [together], it’s a great privilege and very exciting and very thrilling and nourishes something because it sort of feels old.”

“So much of us making the first series, well for me, was falling in love with them — with Matt, with Liv, with other members of the cast — so anytime you get joy in that is a treat.”

In line with Emma's feelings, Smith echoes this explaining “It was a shame, I missed them terribly because I love being around them; not only are they a wonderful actor, they’re a wonderful person to sort of knock about with every day.”

He continued, So I missed them, but it was what the story required. Daemon is off on his own path trying to figure things out, kind of head first into the dark hole of his own consciousness, into the abyss, and I think Rhaenyra feels a great sense of betrayal.”