Taylor Swift's childish tantrum resurfaces: 'But daddy I love him'

Taylor Swift's interview revealing her epic teenage tantrum resurfaces

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Taylor Swift's track But Daddy I Love Him from her recent album is no fiction.

An old interview of The Tortured Poets Department hitmaker confirms that she really said "But, daddy, I love him" to her father, Scott, during an epic teenage tantrum.

The 2008 interview resurfaced recently as her Eras Tour continues to be successful for another year with songs dedicated to not just her new romance with Travis Kelce but also an old love story.

Swift also reminisced on her motivation behind Love Story in the interview with PopSugar just after the release of her second album Fearless.

“This song, I wrote it right after my one epic teenage tantrum that I ever threw in my whole life,” she said as she went on to recall standing up to her father at some point to defend a lover he didn't approve of.

“And I remember screaming something like ‘But daddy, I love him!’ and running out and storming into my room and slamming the door and then I sat down on the floor and wrote this song,” she added.

Now 16 years later, one of her TTPD songs go “Now I’m running with my dress unbuttoned / Screaming ‘But Daddy I love him!’ / I’m having his baby / No, I’m not, but you should see your faces.”

In the lyrics, she's singing about her forbidden love for a man who she has undeniable 'chemistry' with even though he’s been rejected by her parents and the 'people in town.'