PR guru offers advice to Jennifer Lopez amid divorce rumours

Marriage woes damage Jennifer Lopez's PR image as an expert shares what needs to be done to recover from it

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PR guru offers advice to Jennifer Lopez amid divorce rumours

PR image of Jennifer Lopez is reportedly in tatters as divorce rumours and its impact on her career are driving her fans away.

This view is voiced by PR expert Edward Hopkins who told The Sun that the Grammy winner's marriage woes are affecting her professional work as she needs to stay "humble" and "authentic" to keep her fanbase intact.

“High-profile relationships come with intense media scrutiny, and rumors of a potential divorce can overshadow professional achievements,” he shared.

Pointing to social media, the PR expert said social media is vital to anyone's image-building, and right now, he says, Jen is on the receiving end there as he said “videos on TikTok depicting her in an unflattering light — appearing rude to fans and strangers — have gone viral.”

”In today’s digital age, where every action can be captured and shared globally, maintaining a positive image is more challenging, but very crucial,” he explained.

To offset these damages, Edward said, “Her career has been marked by resilience and reinvention,” adding, “To stage a comeback, she could focus on embracing a more authentic and humble public persona, which can help repair her image."

"Acknowledging mistakes and showing genuine appreciation for her fans might rekindle the public’s affection.”