Meghan Markle warned her dominance in Prince Harry marriage won't last

Royal expert says Prince Harry's partnership with Meghan Markle may not endure

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Meghan Markle warned her dominance in Prince Harry marriage won’t last

Prince Harry's relationship with Meghan Markle has been put under the microscope by a royal expert amid rumours they are dealing with marital troubles.

According to royal expert Tom Quinn, Harry has always been "a lost little boy" seeking a strong partner to compensate for his perceived weaknesses.

However, the expert told the Duke of Sussex that Meghan’s dominance in their relationship will not last long term

"No one has ever doubted that Harry and Meghan do not have an equal partnership when Harry famously said, 'what Meghan wants Meghan gets,'" he told The Mirror.

"Harry has always come across as a lost little boy, overprotected by the Royal Family as a child and then suffering the death of his mother he has always seemed unsure and indecisive, always searching for a strong partner who makes up for his own weakness."

He went on to say that Meghan is "very much that partner" for Harry, adding, "For now, Harry loves the fact that Meghan gives him some of the backbone he always lacked.”

“But her dominance in the relationship may not always be welcome - what charms us and delights us early on in a relationship doesn't always stand the test of time."