Steve Carell recalls Taylor Swift's gesture that made him a Swiftie

Steve Carell became Taylor Swift fan when he saw a heartwarming gesture by the singer

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Steve Carell became Taylor Swift fan when he saw a heartwarming gesture by the singer 

Steve Carell was all praise for pop icon Taylor Swift during a recent interview.

Carell appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where host Jimmy Fallon commented on his Taylor Swift fandom.

“You know I was doing some research about the things that people may not know about Steve Carell and I read somewhere that you were a Swiftie. A Taylor Swift fan,” Fallon said.

The Office star then went on to detail his first meeting with the Fortnight hitmaker, saying, “Listen, I met — briefly — I met Taylor Swift.”

“Remember TRL, way, way back. So early on in my career and in hers too, I was obviously much older, but we were both on TRL at the same time,” he continued.

“I met her sort of in passing and I thought, ‘Boy is she, she seems special,’ like even back then. Very sweet, very nice. Just had a really nice first impression,” Carell added.

The Space Force star became a big fan of the Grammy winner when he saw a video of the singer playing guitar for a kid in a hospital, after she’d become a big name in the music industry.

“Some kid who was recovering from something. There was no big crew. It was like a really low-keyed, handheld thing that she sort of just did on the sly,” he recalled.

The video made him think: “That's so cool and not publicized. Just leading with her heart.”

“I thought, ‘Okay, I’m a fan,’ I am going to root for that person,” Steve Carell declared of Taylor Swift.