Britney Spears leans on brother amid second conservatorship plans?

Britney Spears' family was reportedly planning to put her under conservatorship again

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Photo: Britney Spears leans on brother amid second conservatorship plans?

Britney Spears, who is a pop singing icon, is reportedly finding solace in her brother amid family woes.  

Previously, it was believed that Britney Spears’ family was planning an intervention for the pop icon to convince her to move to Louisiana from Los Angeles.

Later, it was established that the Princess of Pop lost trust in all her relationships after enduring more than a decade of conservatorship.

An insider also shared to In Touch Weekly, “She may have seemed receptive to meeting with Lynne and Jamie Lynn at first. Then she changed her mind and got paranoid they were trying to trick her.”

“She’s afraid if she gives them an inch, they’ll take a mile. She misses her mom and sister, but she doesn’t trust anyone in her family,” the sourced added at that time.

Now, Britney’s brother Bryan marked his presence to her life with a candid social media post.

An insider shared with the outlet that he is “protective” of his little sister and wants to keep “lowlifes.”

Speaking of Britney’s felon boyfriend, felon boyfriend Paul Soliz, the source stated, “Bryan’s got no respect for Paul and wants him gone.”

“Her whole family is worried about her, and Bryan’s got an in now,” they concluded.