Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck stand at impasse?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's latest meeting is, at best, cold as the pair tries to solve marital woes

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck stand at impasse?

Tensions are apparently still visible as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attended the latter's son Samuel's graduation ceremony where they maintained their distance.

Not only this, the pair exited separately after keeping their families separated, according to TMZ.

The optics of the outing goes against any sign of ice breaking because at this time there was not even an air kiss.

This came after reports were doing rounds that the duo are heading toward a divorce and all these alleged happenings are making J.Lo reportedly restless.

She “is crying all the time and very upset," sources told In Touch. “She goes from anger one minute, to despair, to panic attacks, to then deluding herself that it’s all just a blip and they’re going to be OK."

The insider noted Ben is a key part of Jen and she cannot stand to lose him.

“It’s very clear that [Jen’s] fallen to pieces,” the tipster tattled. “She’s saying she can’t imagine a scenario where she can exist without Ben in her life, which is putting a ton of pressure on him and not really helping the situation.”

It is pertinent to mention the couple as People reports was wearing their wedding rings at the ceremony which might signal not every bridge is burned.