Prince Harry's isolation grows as Royal family, pals turn their backs

Prince Harry fails to make up for his mistake as Royal family has no plans to reconnect

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Prince Harry’s isolation grows as Royal family, pals turn their backs

Prince Harry's attempts at reconciliation with his family, especially with Prince William, have been met with silence, which makes him feel isolated.

The Duke of Sussex is said to have reached out to the Prince of Wales following the cancer diagnosis of his wife Kate Middleton, but he refused to talk to him.

“William and Harry aren’t even close to a truce,” the source told In Touch Weekly. “William hasn’t forgiven Harry for what he said in his book.”

Additionally, his former Royal pals are also not talking to him with some sources reporting that they are avoiding the Duke because of Meghan.

The source added, “Harry’s been forced to step back from many of his former friendships, including with Hugh. It only serves to remind him where he fits into the royal scheme of things.”

“He’s been relegated to the back of the room,” they continued. “There are friends from his former life who don’t talk to him out of loyalty to the royal family.”

“Harry’s extremely sensitive to people’s disdain for him whether real or perceived” and has grown isolated and “lonely for his old life.”