King Charles, Prince Andrew relationship at risk as feud intensifies

King Charles, Prince Andrew feuding due to the Duke of York's reluctance to leave Royal Lodge

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 King Charles, Prince Andrew relationship at risk as feud intensifies 

Prince Andrew's reluctance to vacate Royal Lodge has intensified King Charles's security concerns, according to Royal expert.

Speaking with GB News, royal expert Cameron Walker shed light on how the Duke of York has become a burden on his brother due to him not being a working royal.

"I think the issue we've got is that King Charles's lease agreement, according to the Times, says that he has to maintain the property and make sure it's in a good standard to live in. It's going to be very expensive to pay the rent on it,” he said.

The expert added, "It's thought to be £260,000 a year. Where is he getting the 260 grand a year from? Because he's not a working member of the Royal Family. He's not getting any money from a sovereign grant, we believe he may have got some kind of inheritance from the late Queen, but it's not thought to be very much.”

"And because Royal Lodge is not in the guarded perimeter of Windsor Castle, it means it needs its own separate security, which, when Andrew was forced to step back as a working member of the Royal Family, he lost."

Charles is currently paying for Andrew's security, but he would prefer it if Andrew moved to a smaller house called Frogmore Cottage, whose previous residents were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as it would be cheaper and easier to secure, noted the expert.

“In King Charles's view and the Crown Estate's view, it's more efficient, It's more cost-effective if the ageing Prince Andrew moves from Royal Lodge to the smaller Frogmore Cottage. But is that going to hurt Prince Andrew's pride?"