David Beckham skeptical of daughter Harper's opinion of him

David Beckham talked about her daughter's opinion of Netflix documentary 'Beckham'

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David Beckham skeptical of daughter Harper's opinion of him

David Beckham wasn't sure about how his daughter Harper would react to his Netflix documentary Beckham .

In October 2023, the legendary soccer player and his celebrity wife Victoria Beckham talked about their careers, fame and the claims of infidelity that they faced over the course of their 24-year marriage, in the four-part series.

David explained that while his sons Brooklyn (aged 25), Romeo (aged 21) and Cruz (aged 19) were familiar with the controversies around their parents, their daughter Harper (aged 12) never knew much about it.

“I was a little bit worried about my daughter seeing some of the things that were being said about me over the years and how she would react,” he told Variety.

However, David was relieved to find out that Harper was unfazed by the controversial details.

“I’ve been telling my daughter for a long time that Mommy used to wear very, very short skirts. And then she was like, ‘Daddy, Mommy did really wear really, really short skirts!’ But she loved it,” he said.

In May, David also revealed how the documentary left him and Victoria “surprised.”

“Me and Victoria, probably both get emotional about, and after watching the documentary after everything was over and we watched it finally, that's the one thing that we looked at each other and was like, ‘I don't know how we got through the last 27 years, but we did and we have an amazing family, amazing business and we're happy,’” he said, according to Daily Mail.